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Our Competition Program.

The USAIGC/IAIGC Competitive Program

Restructured in 2001 the USAIGC took a different Competitive path, a more challenging path for our gymnasts and coaches. We eliminated Compulsory Routines and put into place an Optional Only College Bound Competitive Program modeled after the NCAA Collegiate Gymnastics Program. We built our Competitive Program on long-term skill development with the intentional slowing down of our gymnasts' learning curve providing the necessary time to develop and perfect gymnastic skills in a logical, progressive and safe manner. We capped training hours for each competitive level. We do not believe in the 20+hour workweek. Over-training is the number one reason gymnasts leave our sport. We want our Competitive Program to provide our gymnasts with ample time for school responsibilities, family activities and time for an outside life with friends. Life is about experiences and the USAIGC/IAIGC provide a positive well-balanced competitive experience for its gymnasts. 

Our Competitive Program provides an environment that fosters and nurtures the attributes of a sound mind, sound body leading to successful healthy and well-rounded athletes.

This new direction will develop gymnasts that are a head above their peers and allow them to develop into strong, intelligent young ladies, goal oriented, success driven, disciplined, with excellent time management skills learning life's most important skills: success and failure. It is the process of becoming a gymnast that develops these outstanding qualities, not scores, not placements nor competitive levels. The USAIGC/IAIGC gymnasts will be prepared for tomorrow's world, making them tomorrow’s leaders!

Our Competitive “Options” help prevent gymnasts "frustration" of being stuck in a competitive level by allowing them to compete on up to 2 events on their next level up. 
- The Gymnasts skill level determines the competitive level they start their competition on. 
- Mobility between our competitive levels is decided on the gymnasts Coach based on the gymnasts' mastery of skills and not a score. 
- Mobility between levels does not have to be in progressive order. 
- Our Gymnasts' may compete on two consecutive competitive levels as an All-Around Gymnast and/or Individual Event Specialist. 
- The USAIGC/IAIGC gymnasts can compete on Four Competitive Platforms: All Around, Individual Event Specialist, Team and our Club High School* Competition for all USAIGC/IAIGC Competitive Levels. *High School students only. 
-The USAIGC added on the IAIGC becuse of the number f International Countries joining with us. We now have 9 Countries following the same rules in our International Gymnastic Program. . 
-Our Competitive Rules are developed by our entire membership every two years.

The USAIGC Hosts:
- Local Competitions, State Championships, Regional Championship and our World Championship.


What is USAIGC?

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